About the group

Our group focuses on formulating, developing and implementing optimization techniques for the purpose of optimal structural design. In most of our work, we rely on finite element analysis, analytical adjoint sensitivity analysis and gradient-based optimization.

Our current research interests

  • Optimization of concrete structures:
    • Reducing embodied CO2
    • Ribbed slabs
    • Post-tensioned slabs
    • Simultaneous topology and shape optimization of post-tensioned structures
  • Efficient computational procedures for topology optimization:
    • Inexact design sensitivities
    • One-shot approaches
    • Multigrid preconditioning
  • Optimization for 3D concrete printing:
    • Considering physical buildability
    • Considering geometric buildability
    • Post-tensioned printed beams
  • Topology optimization with precise boundaries:
    • IGA with untrimming techniques
    • Multi-material, multi-physics applications

We have multiple open positions!

Applications for postdoc, PhD and MSc positions are welcome:

  • Optimal design for 3D concrete printing: AM2PM project, funded by the European Innovation Council
  • Topology optimization using Iso Geometric Analysis: funded by the Israel Science Foundation