TOP-CIVIL: Topology Optimization for Conceptual Design of Civil Engineering Structures

Funded by Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, 2013-2017

The proposed project aims at the development of topology optimization as a digital design tool for structural engineers and architects. The motivation for pursuing this goal arises from the growing interest within the architectural community in topology optimization as a means of generating aesthetic and efficient structural forms; as well as from the search for design methodologies that facilitate weight reduction of concrete structures while maintaining the required load-carrying capacity, thus contributing to a more sustainable, resource saving design in civil engineering.

The project offers several necessary scientific contributions towards the development of advanced topology optimization procedures that are tailored specifically for the construction industry, and towards their integration into computer-aided design tools used by architects and engineers. The project is divided into four building blocks, focusing on the following topics:

  1. Optimizing reinforced concrete
  2. Efficient robust topology optimization accounting for large deformation
  3. Revisiting approximate reanalysis in topology optimization
  4. A multigrid approach for efficient topology optimization

Utilization of topology optimization for civil engineering structures is currently at its infancy. Thus the proposed project focuses on a new, evolving field of application with much room and potential to develop.

Publications and presentations: